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Hello and welcome to our brand-new site, where you’ll find just the games you need if you’re a true adult gamer. We take so much pride in this project, and that’s because it’s a platform born out of the passion we have for adult gaming. We’re a team with so much experience in this industry. We’ve been around since there wasn’t anything else other than sex games, and we’ve seen the evolution of the last years. We like to think that we have a role in it, or at least that we know what we’re talking about and what players want from a sex gaming website.

The real adult gamers are just like the regular hardcore gamers. They care more about the story than they care about the graphic. And it’s for them that we put together this fresh site where every true gamer will find what he or she needs for a night of fun. We searched the internet and contacted all the developers we collaborated with over the years and we gathered all the games worth playing. All games on our site are coming in HTML5 and all of them feature extended gameplay time. We tested all the games to be technically on point and safe and then we uploaded them in this well-organized collection. Also, we made sure that our library can satisfy any kink or fetish, that while taking you on a journey in which the story adds to the hotness of the gameplay. I’m sure you’ll find everything you need on our site and the best part about it is that everything is free. Read more about the Adventure Porn Games collection so that you can properly appreciate what we built here.

Step Into The Virtual Realm Of Sexuality With No Borders

First of all, we want to warn all the people who want to be players on our website that this is a site for radical tolerance and open sexuality. If you’re easily offended or grossed, just ignore those games and stick to all the vanilla sex games we have on the site. But you should know that we have adventure games of every kind. On our site you can play games in which you’re helping young anime girls learn how to fuck, suck and masturbate, but you can also play games in which you’re a tentacle monster who chases girls all across the galaxy, looking for the tightest and most helpless hole. But there’s also everything in between, and they feature all kinds of kinks and fantasies you wish to see fulfilled.

There’s lots of anal sex, there’s feet play, there’s pregnancy porn and there’s even furry action. In my opinion, I’d say that the furry games have the best adventures, because the furry kink is not about fucking someone in a costume. It’s about building a furrsona, a furry avatar with a proper back story and a fantasy world where all furry avatars can meet.

Adventure Stories For Gay And Trans Players

As I mentioned above, at Adventure Porn Games we’re all about tolerance and inclusion, and so we searched games for everyone. You can enjoy one of the best collection of gay games. We even have a fantasy adventure game in which you play as a twink in Ancient Greece, cracking mysteries and having kinky experiences with all the homoerotic heroes and gods from the Greek myths, including a gang bang by a group of centaurs. And we have lots of trans games for everyone. We should really include all the trans games in the straight section, because we know that most of the players are straight anyway. So, if you’re straight, this is the place where you can enjoy all of your fantasies. You can even check out the gay games and see how they feel. Maybe you’ll like it and if you do, then you’ll be able to have fun playing all our gay games, which is an extra third of our collection.

Cross-Platform Gaming On A Versatile Website

We’re a team of webmasters and some of us have worked for some of the biggest porn websites you see out there. So, we know what a website needs to be functional. First of all, we know that even when it comes to gaming, more than half the players are accessing the site from their phones. So we made sure that our site offers both navigation and gaming experience that’s suitable for mobile users. All the browsing tools work on touch screen and we don’t come with useless features to stuff your screen. At the same time, we have comment sections under the videos which are always opened for the players, without them having to register. As for the games, since they’re all built in HTML5, you can play them on any device with internet access and a browser. We recommend Google or Mozilla because in our tests they performed the best. And the games we feature were designed with the mobile gamer in mind. The in game menus and the controls are adapted for touch screen gameplay. Some games even have haptic feedback, meaning that your phone will start vibrating when you get closer to a girls or a guy’s orgasm and it will keep vibrating as they cum. It’s a nice touch, but we’re on the look for the sex games with interactive sex toys. That’s when we’ll bring the next gen.

The Adventure Porn Games Will Always Be Free

We run a site out of passion and we never plan on charging our players any money. We plan on building a community where people can promote their new games and where players can interact with each other. We’re still working on it and we want everything to be functional and safe. Until then, you can enjoy a collection of hundreds of games on our site and they’re all available for free. Don’t forget to bookmark us, because we come with new games every week.

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